Energy crisis in Pakistan doesn’t look to resolve anywhere in near future. In addition the prices per unit of energy is continuously on the rise. The most affected sector is the house hold, in my honest opinion, considering their limited income and limited ability to go for an alternate solution.

Since last few years we have seen electronic markets flooded with solar panels and many company’s both small and large are providing solar solution to the public. Most people do not have technical background so they have difficulties in understanding the solution and its cost impact. Those who are technical and have technical background even they have difficulties understanding the solution and understand the financial impact.

The study I have conducted is basic and is targeted towards audience who both have basic technical and financial understanding. The study is target towards solar solution for general household, the package description, its benefits, cost and break-even analysis.

My final advice! do not invest in any solution blindly. You must fully understand the system, the solution, its cost, impact and break-even price.

Hassan Gilani


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